Not sure where to start with your design project? Our experienced team is here to help you!

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How does it work?

Whether you choose to book a one on one consultation with one of our Interior Design Consultants in our showroom or alternatively via a digital experience online, we can walk you through the selection process.

Our experienced team will dedicate a 45-minute initial design appointment either in person or over Zoom to provide advice and knowledge to help support you in selecting a tile suitable for your space, together with the grout to compliment your tile selection.

We will happily complete your colour selection with suggestions of laminate and counter top selections if required, however, we do not get involved in the production process, but we are here to help!


Create Your Life In Style

At InStyle Ceramics, our team is dedicated to taking the guess work out of your project. We are here to help support your vision for your space and ultimately to create your life in style!

We always recommend that our clients have an idea of ‘the Look or style’ they like or trying to create. This can be as simple as going to our website and viewing our online showroom gallery which has many photos that can provide inspiration.

Have your plans available, know your budget and have any other elements that you have decided on available to make the decision-making process a cohesive, all-inclusive experience for you and your project.

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