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Tile FAQ's

Why choose tiles over other flooring options?

Tiles are a hygienic, mould, mildew resistant, allergy free, pet friendly and easy to manage surface that doesn’t trap dust, pollen or contaminants. Scratch-resistant, odour-free ceramic tiles are far and away one of the easiest and healthiest flooring choices in a home. As a leader in durability and practicality, it is well suited for most abodes and traffic areas as a low maintenance flooring option.

What information do I need to provide when making a tile enquiry?

InStyle Ceramics will rely on the information you provide in relation to the product name, colour, size, finish, grout and placement that you require, in order to provide the Estimate. It is your responsibility to confirm that the information is comprehensive, accurate and suitable for what you require. Estimates do not represent that the product or specifications you have requested will be suitable for the application that you require

Do InStyle Ceramics tiles have a slip rating?

Yes! A slip rating is when a tile surface is tested for its slip resistance. These have been developed according to Australian Standards in accordance with the Australian Building Code. Please speak to our team to see where your chosen tile sits on the slip resistance test.

Can you tell me the difference between rectified and non-rectified tiles?

Sure can! Rectified tiles have square-cut edges, allowing them to be laid very close together. Non-rectified tiles have slightly rounded or ‘cushioned’ edges, which require a wider grout join.

Is there a difference between porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles, and is one or the other better?

Great question. The easiest way to explain it, all porcelain tiles are ceramic, but not all ceramic tiles are porcelain - and one is not better than the other - they’re just suited to different homes. For a ceramic tile to be porcelain, it must have very low moisture absorption, meaning it is very dense, hard and strong. Porcelain is often more expensive as it is made from different materials and is fired at higher temperatures. Porcelain is fantastic for high traffic and commercial areas, as they are impervious to water and offer a slip-resistant finish. Low traffic and residential walls are ideal for ceramic tiles, which are less expensive but still offer a high end finish. We suggest speaking to our experienced team about the best fit for you.

What is the difference between floor and wall tiles?

Floor tiles can be used on both floor and wall, while wall tiles are only safe to use on the wall, purely for the fact that floor tiles have been fired to be dense enough to walk on, unlike wall tiles.

What tiles are best suited for my outdoor area?

Outdoor tiles offer additional features to indoor tiles including moisture resistance, temperature control, better slip and wear performance to suit rain, frosts and other external elements 

Do you sell Pool Tiles and what do you recommend?

We strongly recommend the use of porcelain tiles in pool areas and only dot mounted mosaics are pool safe. InStyle Ceramics have a large variety of pool safe options in store to view.

Can you mix different batches in the same space?

Just as with other materials, natural products made in batches can vary in shades and are very normal. We often recommend ordering spare tiles to accommodate for cuts or breakages during tiling projects. Our suppliers have strict colour toning and matching quality guidelines to lessen the shade variation as much as they can. Do not mix batches and be sure to check your tiles as soon as they’re delivered to ensure you’re happy. 

How long is an estimate valid for?

30 Days

Cleaning & Maintenance FAQs

How do I clean and maintain my InStyle Ceramics tiles?

We pride ourselves on having easy maintenance products, and our InStyle Ceramics Trade Centre is fully stocked with cleaning products to support cleaning and ongoing maintenance of your space. However, we do recommend using door mats to keep abrasive dirt and sand off your tiles, vacuuming before you clean, and using non-abrasive and soapless cleaners. We recommend using non-metallic type scourers only as metal may leave metallic marks, and providing extra care to gold, silver and platinum finishes that are soft, as well as handmade, partially glazed and lower fired items including metallics and mosaics.

Delivery & Pickup FAQs

How can I go about scheduling a delivery with InStyle Ceramics?

You can contact one of our Design Team to personally arrange a delivery. Please visit our Delivery Terms & Conditions to see all details. 

What is the delivery cost?

There is a minimum charge of $150 for Metro Area deliveries, which increases depending on the designated suburb, weight of the total order, size of the tiles, and quantity of tiles. Please contact us with this information ready and we will quote a delivery charge for you from one of our contracted drivers.

What is the required advance notice for scheduling a delivery?

The balance of the order must be received and accepted before the release of the goods from our warehouse. Please allow 5 business days from the date of call down/release from our warehouse for the stock to arrive at our Norma Road premises for collection or delivery out to you.

Do you deliver on specific days?

InStyle Ceramics delivers from Monday to Friday excluding public holidays or any such days InStyle Ceramics is closed. 

Is it necessary for me to be present at home to accept the delivery of my items?

It is always recommended that someone is available and on-site to receive your delivery and ensure that you are happy with the stock, and everything is in order. Please note in our Terms & Conditions the Acceptance of Goods clause. 

Is pick up an option?

You absolutely can. When collecting your products, it is important to provide adequate transport, capable of carrying the full weight of the whole order. Staff can provide weight details at time of ordering. For orders over 15m2 either a trailer or utility vehicle will be necessary. Please check the load capacity of your vehicle and provide your own tie-down straps. InStyle Ceramics will accept no responsibility for damage/other to vehicles that are overloaded. Due to Work, Health & Safety regulations, tiles packed onto pallets cannot be hand loaded into your car. Tiles cannot be split loaded. InStyle Ceramics is not responsible for the goods once they are picked up from our Showroom/Trade Centre premises either by you or a third-party courier service. InStyle Ceramics do not recommend organising your own third-party courier services and take no responsibility for late deliveries or Goods damaged in transit when same are used. It is the responsibility of the customer to take necessary care to ensure their Goods for late delivery or damaged Goods.

Is it possible to arrange for the collection of extra tiles remaining on the site?

No change of mind returns will be accepted. A 20% handling charge will apply to all accepted returns. No returns will be accepted over 30 days from the date of receipt of the Goods by the Buyer, or if the batch/shade is no longer current. Returns will only be accepted as full boxes that are undamaged & in saleable condition. Mosaic/Décor tiles sold per piece are accepted as such. Sale items, discontinued/clearance lines, non-stocked items, and special ordered tiles are not refundable. Please refer to details of InStyle Ceramics Return Policy.

Samples FAQs

Do I need to pay for samples?

Yes! Samples taken from our showroom are $10 per sample otherwise you can order a sample box $40 for 4 Delivered!

Is there a maximum number of samples per customer?

You are more than welcome to purchase as many samples as you like.  Please contact InStyle Ceramics in advance if you are interested in purchasing multiple samples so we can have them prepared for you. If you require a full piece, the sample will be charged at a per metre rate of the tile. 

Are the samples indicative of the tiles we will order?

Samples provided are only indicative of the current batch in stock, and slight colour or size variations can occur from batch to batch. When an Order is placed, all goods you receive will be from one batch. However, your order may be from a different batch to the sample batch. There is no guarantee of availability of goods where a sample is provided.

Can I return samples?

Samples may be returned within 30 days with proof of purchase. Alternatively, the sample deposit paid can be credited towards your tile order upon placement.

Do you offer sample boxes?

We sure do! We are not an online store and only a selection of our range is included to view online, our full range is available to view in store. Should you have a specific tile design in mind, you can speak with one of our qualified Interior Designers and
four samples can be arranged and posted to you for a fee of $40 delivered.


Online option is to browse
our website where we offer a small selection of tiles to view. Curate your very
own sample box and select four samples for $40 delivered within Australia.
Exclusions may apply.

Returns FAQs

Can I return leftover boxes of tiles?

No change of mind returns will be accepted. A 20% handling charge will apply to all accepted returns. No returns will be accepted over 30 days from the date of receipt of the Goods by the Buyer, or if the batch/shade is no longer current. Returns will only be accepted as full boxes that are undamaged & in saleable condition. Mosaic/Décor tiles sold per piece are accepted as such. Sale items, discontinued/clearance lines, non-stocked items, and special ordered tiles are not refundable. Please refer to InStyle Returns Policy.

What is your refund policy?

All refunds must have prior approval from InStyle Ceramics Management and written confirmation will be provided once this process has been approved. Once approved, your designated amount will be refunded to your nominated bank account at the end of the month. Account holders will be credited to their account and applied against future orders. Please speak to our team about refunds.

My builder has purchased our tiles, can I return the excess?

Unfortunately only the purchaser can return tiles to InStyle Ceramics. We suggest speaking directly with your building company about this to make an arrangement with InStyle Ceramics.

Selections FAQs

Can I come in for a Colour Selection on any day?

You absolutely can! However, we do recommend booking or visiting our showroom Monday to Friday, as our booked tile selections on Saturdays are shorter, and we are able to offer a more detailed and extensive service throughout the week.

What is an Estimate?

The Estimate provides the expected cost of the goods that you are interested in ordering. The Estimate is an estimation of costs only, and the price will not be locked in until you make the required minimum deposit which will convert your Estimate to an Order. Once your deposit is received & accepted, the price will be locked in and the stock will be secured and set aside for your order. There is no guarantee of availability of goods prior to a deposit being made. The Estimate is not a binding contract; there is no obligation for you to purchase the goods you received the Estimate for, and there is no promise by InStyle Ceramics that these goods will be delivered or available until a deposit has been received and accepted. Once converted to an Order, the terms and conditions will be as per those titled ‘Terms & Conditions – Order / Sale’. 

What do I need to bring to my appointment and how long will I be there?

We recommend bringing a copy of your final plan, inspiration images, your builder’s allocation and any swatches or finishes that will help us build your dream package. Allow a minimum of 45 minutes to an hour depending on the scale of your home.

Ordering FAQs

What should I do if I encounter a problem with my order?

Please contact us on 9317 8845 or Calling us is preferred, so we can address the matter as quickly as possible. Please be sure to have your order number ready.

How are quantities for my project calculated?

InStyle Ceramics offers estimations of quantities as a service only. InStyle Ceramics takes no responsibility for incorrect quantities due to misrepresentation of plans or information supplied by you. Quantities include an allowance for wastage and breakages. InStyle Ceramics highly recommends that you have a third party measure your plans to confirm quantities.

Can you hold my stock?

Stock will be held only once a deposit has been paid against the order. We require a 30% deposit to secure and hold your stock.

I need extra tiles - what do I do?

This is absolutely fine - however, we do recommend getting in contact with us as soon as possible, with your order number on hand.

How much wastage should I allow?

We usually recommend an extra 10% wastage for large format tiles and 15% wastage for small format tiles. If the tile is end of line, discontinued, or an order in product, we often recommend a wastage allowance of 20%.

Are all tile ranges in stock and available?

If you find a tile you love, we recommend placing an order straight away as well as allowing enough for wastage to ensure you don’t miss out. Unfortunately, due to circumstances we can’t control, stock can become unavailable or discontinued.

What ranges are ‘special order-in’?

Some items you see on our website or in our showroom are not readily available, and must be ordered upon request. This means there are different conditions applied to the sale, including being non-returnable, non-refundable, requiring a deposit prior to order and are sold in full boxes only. Please note the Special Order Items Declaration Form and its Conditions of Purchase. 

Trade Centre FAQs

What tiling tools & materials do you stock?

Our tiling tools and materials are of the highest quality and durability, used by everyone from tradies to first-time home renovators. 

  • Our products include: Vast range of tiling hand tools
  • Tile cutting machines
  • Spirit levels
  • Straight edges
  • Sigma Tile cutters
  • Aluminium trims
  • Adhesives
  • Tile Grout 
  • Membranes
  • Bermuda Floor wastes
  • Cleaning Agents
  • Diamond hole saws
  • Diarex diamond blades
  • Waterproofing
  • BMI Levels
  • Lithothin Range
  • Solvents and sealers for all types of tiles and natural stone

We are proud stockists of:

  • WestBuild Products
  • Dribond Construction Chemicals
  • Kerakoll Products
  • Ardex Australia
  • Fugabella Grout
  • Roberts Designs International 
  • Waterproof
  • Ox Tools
  • Stabila Levels
  • Tiling Tools